Each Pilgrim House gathering follows the same general structure of the ancient four-fold liturgy (gathering, story, table, sending), though each is slightly different. It is a ritual of reflection that is connected with the Pilgrims’ Notes podcast, always flowing from the liturgical year.

Upcoming Pilgrim House Gatherings

The Feast of Saint Agnes (Sunday, January 20), celebrating the radical affirmation of women in the Christian tradition and the dignity and worth of all humanity in song, story, and sacrament

The Presentation of Jesus (around Sunday, February 3)

Ordinary Time: Luke’s Beatitudes (around Sunday, February 17)

The Basic Structure of Our Liturgies

The pilgrims gather from their journeying with the Pilgrim House gathering song to light the lamp of God’s peace in Christ. They share something of beauty, wonder, or mystery they experienced, witnessed or created from their pilgrimage.

The pilgrims prepare and share a meal.

The pilgrims reflect and imagine. The children are encouraged to play, draw, and create, while the adults reflect upon the theme for the day and imagine a better world.

The pilgrims celebrate the sacrament of solidarity, gathering near the pace lamp to partake of the abundance of Christ’s table. It is a rich sacrament, with breads, butters, honeys, and sparkling juices and wines. It is the fruit of the earth and a sign of love.

The pilgrims sing and dance and dream into the night, returning to their pilgrimage with “Alleluia” in their hearts and on their lips.