Throughout the biblical stories we discover people engaged in pilgrimage. Abraham journeyed far to a new promised land. Moses led God’s people from oppression and bondage. Paul traveled throughout the Roman empire to minister to fledgling Christian communities. An unnamed Samaritan journeyed on a road from Jerusalem to Jericho. In each of these stories, the pilgrims had stopping points that became places of divine encounter and discovery.

Abraham stopped as he met and fed three divine strangers and discovered the wonder of hospitality. Moses stopped as he met God on a cloud-filled mountain and discovered the beauty of divine mystery. Paul stopped as he shared Eucharist and baptized jailers and prisoners and discovered the joy of sacramentality. The unnamed Samaritan stopped as he bound the wounds of a man left for dead and discovered the power of love.

The Pilgrim House is a personal ministry of providing times, places, and resources for those moments in the pilgrimage. It includes reflective blog entries, encouraging podcasts, celebratory liturgies in various locations, and online learning events.

So many people are tired in their journey, and burned out with institutional Christianity. The Pilgrim House is a place to stop and re-discover the beauty and wonder of Christianity in new expressions of faith.

About the Curator

Dr. Christopher J. Montgomery, O.S.L., has led congregations as a pastor for 15 years in evangelical, Anabaptist, and reformed contexts. He is broadly ecumenical and progressive in his theological perspectives. Christopher holds degrees in applied music (BA, Ouachita Baptist University), postmodern theology and leadership (MDiv, Missio Seminary), and sacramental theology (DWS, Institute for Worship Studies). He is a member of the Order of Saint Luke, a dispersed religious order dedicated to liturgical scholarship and sacramental spirituality. The Pilgrim House is a personal ministry to serve the church in new ways.

He is married, with three children, and lives in South Dakota where he supplements his Pilgrim House work as a school bus and motor coach driver.