Start Here

Stop at the crossroads and look around;
ask for the ancient paths.
Where is the good way?
Then walk in it and find a resting place for yourselves.

Set up markers, put up signs;
think about the road you have traveled,
the path you have taken.

– The Book of Jeremiah (6:16, 31:21)

Pilgrimage is a part of the human experience. To say that you are on a pilgrimage of faith is to be part of something bigger than you, to join in something that so many before you have done. To be on a pilgrimage of faith is to journey in and toward the mystery of God in the wilderness of life.

I am on a pilgrimage of faith. I spent 15 years serving in ministry positions in traditional church settings. Some of that time was good, some of it was hurtful. My most recent position wounded me deeply, shattering my belief that the institutional church can accomplish much beyond simply defending and sustaining the institution. The institutional church works hard to make effective organizations but often sidelines the work in creating stations – houses – for pilgrims to stop and share in the beauty and wonder of the God of mystery they’ve encountered and experienced.

The Pilgrim House is a ministry that strives to be a station of creativity and spirituality, a place to delight in the mystery and wonder of God. It is a place where I offer the reflective stories from my pilgrimage. It will hopefully be an ever-changing way to stop and re-discover the beauty of Christianity in new expressions of faith.

After being raised by fundamentalists, educated by evangelicals and reformed and Anglicans, and time spent ministering among Anabaptists, I now consider myself a post-denominational pastor to pilgrims who are hurt, wandering, or simply curious and questioning. We’re on a pilgrimage together. Let’s create a house where we can learn, wonder, and explore together. 

So, where can we go from here?

  1. You can learn more about me here or follow me on Twitter.
  2. You can join the Facebook group to share stories of hope and wonder.
  3. You can read blog posts on sacraments, beauty, and spirituality.
  4. Beginning with Advent 2019, you can listen to a podcast featuring a pilgrim’s perspectives on the Bible, which go along with the Pilgrim House liturgy.
  5. Beginning in the Fall 2019, you can view the new Six-Minute Seminary.

I look forward to the ways we can journey together.

Blessings, friends, on your pilgrimage!