About the Curator

I’m Dr. Christopher Montgomery, O.S.L., and my journey in faith and ministry is an ongoing pilgrimage, a seeking of where God is active and working in the world. I was first exposed to the beauty of the church as a teenager when I attended Roman Catholic mass with my grandmother. In those days I longed for something rich and meaningful in spirituality, and my life’s passion has been a relentless pursuit of it. Though I am still learning and growing now in my mid-thirties, I have fully embraced progressive Christianity, coupled with an appreciation for liturgy and sacraments, as my theological home for many years.

I am deeply committed to ritual and liturgy as instruments of encountering and sharing the wonder of the Divine. I am a vowed member and provincial companion in the Order of Saint Luke, a dispersed religious order dedicated to liturgical scholarship and sacramental spirituality.

I hold degrees in applied music (Bachelor of Arts, Ouachita Baptist University), postmodern theology and organizational leadership (Master of Divinity, Missio Seminary), and sacramental theology (Doctor of Worship Studies, Institute for Worship Studies).

I am married, with three children, and live in South Dakota. I work as an executive for a school bus and motor coach company, supervising a staff of 180+ drivers and bus aides and managing federal safety compliance for a fleet of 120 buses.

If you need a pastor, or would like a listening ear, or have a story to share, I would love to hear from you. You may contact me below.